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Delay! :c

Edit: This update is the first thing I’m going to do when I get home from Australia. Look out for it at the beginning of November. Then I’m going to sort out a decent writing schedule, because I miss this story and I hate disappointing all of you. <3

Update is delayed, due to the fact I haven’t had enough time to finish it off. :c I’m really sorry, guys; I feel awful! Sorry for any disappointment!

As always, thanks for sticking with me.

Emy xx



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Sims, and babies and jobs, oh my!

Firstly, WordPress has changed and it’s confusing me. D:

Secondly, there will be an update by 16th September (evenifitkillsmeguys).

Thirdly, I’m planning on writing another update before I go to Australia for 3 weeks on 6th October, and by then Elery’s generation will have become the business generation instead of the unlucky-in-love generation… if all goes according to plan.

Fourtly, I’m planning a one-shot side story interlude thing focusing on Farrow. ;D

Guuuuys, I’m so sorry – I wanted to make sure it was less than a month between updates this time!! But then many things happened and I got overwhelmed with life. ;A;

My baby brother, Scott, was born on 10th August, so you can imagine that things have been a little bit hectic around here. I also started a new job on the 13th August, and I’m absolutely shattered when I get home in the evenings. BUT I’m going to try and get these two updates out for you guys before I go on holiday, because this blog is important to me, and you guys are important to me too. :)

Also, I received Supernatural through the post today, but I’m not going to install it until I’ve got the updates out. Motivation, if you will. ;)

That’s all for now, guys! Look out for an update soon! :)

Emy xx


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