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First Anniversary: A List of What to Expect! :)

Well, it’s past midnight in the UK now so I guess it’s the first anniversary of Splintered Sun. *bursts party poppers*

What do you think of that, Gabe?

Yes, well… no need to look so surprised, there.

Since I’m an awful person and I haven’t got anything ready for today – *ducks rotten fruit* – the celebrations will be spread out over the next couple of weeks. *waves pom poms*

So, here’s what you can expect! :)

1) A new chapter! (I have been working on this when I can, but I’m determined to get it up within the next couple of days, so watch your inboxes.)

2) Cinnamon Sugar suggested I write about myself and my inspirations, and I thought that might be fun, especially as I like explaining myself and my writing. So… I’ll be doing a Q&A with me. :D Any questions, send them my way by commenting and I’ll put this up after I get the chapter done! Ask about anything (within reason!)!

3) A family photo shoot.

4) Generation one gender-bend!

5) Jamie’s character interview.

6) Updated cast page.

Thanks for your patience and support throughout the last year. If my current pace is anything to go by, Splintered Sun will be around for a long while yet. XD

I love you all! <3

Emy xxx



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Character Interview – Jamie – I need your questions! :)

Hi, guys! :)

As I’m being slow with the new chapter, I thought I’d set this up now to give you guys something to do. Sorry for the delay, by the way! I’m working on it! (At least it’ll be a long chapter, right? RIGHT?! D: )

Firstly, as the title suggests, the next character interview will be for the one and only Jamie Kelly. It was a close thing, though.

As before, ask the character anything you like, as long as it’s a question! I will only veto what I feel is entirely inappropriate/spoilery, so don’t be afraid to ask whatever you want! Random strings of swearwords or insults don’t count, guys. ;D I can’t guarantee you’ll get an answer from them, since I’ll be answering in character. :)

So, comment here with your questions! :)

The question pool will be open until the 31st May 2012. If the deadline passes, though, and you suddenly think of a burning question you haven’t asked, don’t be afraid to comment. As long as I haven’t finished the interview shoot, I should be able to work it in! ;)

Also, here is a poll for the next interview after Jamie. Because I’ve decided to be prepared this time.

(On that note, Splintered Sun’s anniversary is coming up… not sure what I should do for it. Any suggestions? :))

Thanks for all the support, guys!

Emy xx


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