Sims, and babies and jobs, oh my!

Firstly, WordPress has changed and it’s confusing me. D:

Secondly, there will be an update by 16th September (evenifitkillsmeguys).

Thirdly, I’m planning on writing another update before I go to Australia for 3 weeks on 6th October, and by then Elery’s generation will have become the business generation instead of the unlucky-in-love generation… if all goes according to plan.

Fourtly, I’m planning a one-shot side story interlude thing focusing on Farrow. ;D

Guuuuys, I’m so sorry – I wanted to make sure it was less than a month between updates this time!! But then many things happened and I got overwhelmed with life. ;A;

My baby brother, Scott, was born on 10th August, so you can imagine that things have been a little bit hectic around here. I also started a new job on the 13th August, and I’m absolutely shattered when I get home in the evenings. BUT I’m going to try and get these two updates out for you guys before I go on holiday, because this blog is important to me, and you guys are important to me too. :)

Also, I received Supernatural through the post today, but I’m not going to install it until I’ve got the updates out. Motivation, if you will. ;)

That’s all for now, guys! Look out for an update soon! :)

Emy xx



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17 responses to “Sims, and babies and jobs, oh my!

  1. Thanks for the update, hope all is well. I have a new ISBI out, if you’re interested in reading it.

  2. Jedidiah

    Hi there!
    1. Congrats on your baby brother. Is that your only sibling? I bet life is nuts right now with a new baby around.
    2. Congrats on the new job. Don’t I know about being whooped after a day’s worth of …well work. All I can do is sleep.
    3. You’re heading to Australia? Wow that’s awesome! But but but you do come back right? Riiiight? I mean, I hear people going abroad all the time and they also say, oh it’s just a student exchange, I’ll be back…and they they fall in love with the land, the culture, the people…and they don’t come back for years O___O’

    • Emy

      1) No, I have a 19 year old brother and a 16 year old (today!) sister. It is a bit hectic, yeah, but he’s so lovely! :)
      2) Ugh, it’s so hectic. It’s only to the end of next week, though, then I’m training to be a healthcare assistant, so I’ll be even MORE tired. Sigh. XD
      3) I promise I’ll come back! D: It’s only for 3 weeks for a family wedding, and I like home waaay too much to stay out here. o.o My aunt did that, though; she still hasn’t come home. o.o

      Thank you! :)

  3. FIRST-OMG you’regoingtoAustraliaI’msojealousofyouyou’resoluckyIwanttogotheresobadohmygoshhhhhhhh

    SECOND-yaaaaaaaay! New update coming soon!

    THIRD-Wow, congrats on your baby brother and new job! Of course we understand you’re life is totally hectic right now-with a baby that’s not even a month old AND having the responsibility of working!

  4. Uno. Congrats on your newest brother!

    Dos. Take your sweet time with updating. School takes up my time, hence I haven’t done much but play.

    Tres. Supernatural is tons of fun, especially with the werewolves.

    Quattro. Seriously have fun in Australia. You deserve it.

  5. Mira

    I’m one of your readers that just dissapeared for a while (because my computer broke and when I got a new one I’d forgotten all the adresses to all the sims legacies…) so now you can pretend to remember me :)
    Aw, you’re so lucky you have a baby brother! I really want one too!
    Good luck in Australia! I was there this summer, and it was awesome! If you haven’t planned everything yet, you should visit Cairns and go to the Great Barrier Reef, and Green Island if you have time! It’s awesome!
    Or you should go bungee jumping/sky diving! If you go skydiving there there are instructors that jump with you and do everything for you, so everything you have to do is pose for the camera/scream the whole time you’re falling!
    I’m even jealous of you having a job, although I probably wouldn’t be if I actually had to work it… ah well, I still have a few years left when my parents will be paying most of my bills anyways xP
    I’m seriously wondering how you’re going to work in the whole Supernatural into this legacy… I mean, till now it has been pretty realistic – I would really admire you if you could make a zombie look realistic and life-like!

    – Mira

    • Emy

      We’re going to Cairns and to the Great Barrier Reef!! :D I hadn’t heard of Green Island, but I’ll look out for it whilst we’re there. :)

      I’d love to skydive, but I’m pretty sure my fiancee will not allow me to do that. Haha, that’d be so much fun, though.

      We’ve already had a little bit of supernatural things going on in this legacy, to do with ghosts and spirits, but my aim is to make this as realistic as possible. I’m hoping to try to work the supernatural creatures in, though, but to do it in a way that seems like it really could happen! :)

      Thank you! <3

  6. barleylemon

    Congrats on your new little bro!

    Yay! More updates!

    Guess what, I freaking LIVE in Australia! I live in Sydney, where are you going? XD

    • Emy

      Haha, really, that’s awesome! :D

      We’re going to spend two days in Sydney before catching a flight to Cairns to see the Great Barrier Reef, and then we’re heading to Melbourne for the rest of our stay. :)

      • barleylemon

        Oh my gosh! I love the Great Barrier Reef! It’s so beautiful! If you haven’t been you should DEFINITELY go! When I went for the second time I saw like 8 turtles! They were soo cute!

        Oh BTW if you go to Sydney go to Manly. Because that’s where I live! The beach is great!

  7. Momo

    Emy~ I miss your updates! But I understand life gets in the way of things. Congrats on your new baby brother! :D I’ll wait as (im)patiently as I can for your next update, and then for your report about your trip to Australia! I hope you have fun :)

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