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Character Interview – Gabriel – I need your questions! :D

To tide you over until the start of generation two…

Firstly, thank you so much for 25000 hits! I’m absolutely overwhelmed by all the support this legacy has received! :) <3

Secondly, as an aside, if you guys have any suggestions for things I can do on the Extras page, please let me know!

Thirdly, I’m planning on making this a semi-regular thing, just for a bit of fun. :)

On the Extras page, I want to do a series of character interviews, starting with the one and only Gabe! :) Now, it wouldn’t be very fun if it was just me asking the questions (and, frankly, that requires brain I do not have to spare), SO… the interview will be comprised of YOUR questions! :D And a couple of my own, if I feel they need to be asked. :)

So yes. Ask the character anything you like, as long as it’s a question! I will only veto what I feel is entirely inappropriate/spoilery, so don’t be afraid to ask whatever you want! Random strings of swearwords or insults don’t count, guys. ;D I can’t guarantee you’ll get an answer from them, since I’ll be answering in character. :)

So, comment here with your questions! :)

This will be open for the next two weeks, until the 2nd April 2012. If the deadline passes, though, and you suddenly think of a burning question you haven’t asked, don’t be afraid to comment. As long as I haven’t finished the interview shoot, I should be able to work it in! ;)

Again, this won’t be very fun or work if you don’t contribute questions, so please, askaway!

On another note, chapter 2.01 should be up within the next couple of weeks. :) I’ve got it planned out in my head, I just need to play some stuff out, shoot it, and then write it up properly! :)

Emy xxx



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1.14 – Ashes

A/N: This is the last chapter of generation one! *sobs* Well, last chapter was officially the end of Gabe’s narration, so this chapter is a little different. And really really short. But entirely necessary for what I have planned for generation two.

I’m going to revamp cast pages and the header over the next week or so in preparation for the new generation, so pretty soon you’ll know who’s going to take over the reins! But, for now, I’ll leave you in suspense a little longer…

You can’t run…”

You can’t escape…”

You can’t forget…”


No matter how hard you try…”

You won’t escape.”

Not from me.”

I won’t let you.


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Thank you!

Splintered Sun has won Best Sims 3 Challenge Story over on Boolprop! I’m actually flapping over here right now. Thank you to everyone who voted for me and lent me their support! I’m so happy right now! <3 <3

If you want to check out the other winners, the list is here. Have a look and discover some great stories and people! :)

If you haven’t joined Boolprop yet, by the way, it’s a great community to get involved with. :)

There should be a new chapter out in the next week or so. It’s written, I just need to do some extreme staging. ;D

Thank you guys again! I love you all! <3

Emy xx


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