Generation One Bloopers

When staging and shooting pictures for a chapter, things never go smoothly. In fact, if things go completely smoothly, I start to get suspicious. ;)

Here are a few bloopers from the making of generation one. I hope you find them as amusing and interesting as I do!

Awkward thought bubble is awkward.

Gabe’s mum came by quite a lot, creeping in the windows of the house, which… you know, was kind of weird, considering she’d abandoned him as a toddler. I had her in the town for genetic purposes, but she always dropped by. Same with Gabe’s dad, haha

Jamie is adorable. <3 This is his excited face! Not exactly a blooper, but it makes me smile to look at.

Gabe thinks about vegetables in the shower. Yep. He’s totally obsessed with his gardening, haha. I also like how there’s broccoli in the thought bubble when they don’t HAVE broccoli in the game. ^^ They now have carrots, though, but Gabe doesn’t grow those because I couldn’t get the sign to install. :)

This is Claude’s sexy face. ;D

Not a blooper as such, but this made me laugh. XD Seeley and Molly seriously would never break up. WHAT ARE YOU DOING, TWALLAN’S STORY PROGRESSION?!

Seeley needs YOU!

(Also, I would never want to get on Seeley’s bad side, would you? XD)

Jenna’s allegience has changed. D:

Molly, is that any kind of face to be pulling on your daughter’s wedding day?

Fun with pose player. ^^ Poor Gabe.

Does anyone have the problem that sometimes all the sims using pose player pull the same poses? XD This is what happens. Godammit, Gabe, you were in the perfect place!

Poor Gabe. <3 Again, not a blooper but he looks like a puppy has been crushed in front of him.

I, er… had to kill Jamie. I can’t remember why, but there was a reason. I think I wanted the ‘mourning’ moodlet.

I don’t think this picture even needs an explanation. Hahahaha. I couldn’t resist. Oh, Gabe, I’m sorry, my love, but you’re so easy to torment. :)


7 responses to “Generation One Bloopers

  1. BAHAHA!!
    This was hilarious! My favorite one is when Gabe is going through the wall. “Godammit, Gabe, you were in the perfect place!” I have said the same thing with my sims SO MANY TIMES.

  2. Dreamy Underwood


  3. Melanie Baker

    My favourite was the one where it looked like seely was throwing Gabe… and Gabe’s crushed puppy face.

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