Update on Life ;A;

Ahhhh, guys! It’s been a month again. ;A; I’m really sorry!!!

That said, I have the chapter mostly written and then I just need to stage it, so, all going well, it should be up sometime this week! *crosses fingers*

I don’t really have much excuse this time, apart from the fact that life has kind of taken me by surprise with how busy I’ve been. I’ve been trying to get a job (unsuccessful so far, but I hold out hope), made a few important decisions concerning the direction my career is going to go, and my family have been busily preparing for the arrival of my new baby brother in August. (Seriously, it’s amazing how much time that can take up!) Also, I’ve had a bit of a creative dry spell, but thankfully that is now over and I really hope to finish Generation 2 before I disappear to Australia for a month in October. That is the goal, my lovely followers!

Wish me luck, and thank you so much for all of your patience! I love you all! <3

Emy xxxx



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9 responses to “Update on Life ;A;

  1. huffletuff

    Hello! I’m a silent reader so i’m pretty sure I haven’t posted here before. I just got caught up yesterday and I just want to say that you’re a fantastic writer. I love the story and your writing is a lot more developed than other Sim stories which makes it really great to read. You obviously put a lot of work into everything you write and I’m sure everyone really appreciates it. Great job!
    Also, do you (or anyone who’s reading this for that matter) know where you got Elery’s hairstyle. I know I’ve seen it before but I can’t remember where and I don’t have it downloaded. Thanks :)

  2. ditftbelllegacy

    Oh Australia for a month sounds great! Congrats (not sure if thats the right term?) about a new baby brother coming. Love the baby bit hate when they become the teenage brother bit, that’s always fun!!

    • Emy

      Yeah, we’re going for my fiancee’s cousin’s wedding, so it should be awesome. :)

      And thanks!! We’re all very excited about it, haha. Hopefully I’ll have moved out by the time he’s a teenager and all difficult! XD

  3. Good luck on the job search Emy! As always, your chapters are worth the wait, so just take your time and we’ll be here upon your return :D

  4. Take your time. Life gets in the way. Jealous you’re visiting Australia. Go to the beach and swim!

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