First Anniversary: A List of What to Expect! :)

Well, it’s past midnight in the UK now so I guess it’s the first anniversary of Splintered Sun. *bursts party poppers*

What do you think of that, Gabe?

Yes, well… no need to look so surprised, there.

Since I’m an awful person and I haven’t got anything ready for today – *ducks rotten fruit* – the celebrations will be spread out over the next couple of weeks. *waves pom poms*

So, here’s what you can expect! :)

1) A new chapter! (I have been working on this when I can, but I’m determined to get it up within the next couple of days, so watch your inboxes.)

2) Cinnamon Sugar suggested I write about myself and my inspirations, and I thought that might be fun, especially as I like explaining myself and my writing. So… I’ll be doing a Q&A with me. :D Any questions, send them my way by commenting and I’ll put this up after I get the chapter done! Ask about anything (within reason!)!

3) A family photo shoot.

4) Generation one gender-bend!

5) Jamie’s character interview.

6) Updated cast page.

Thanks for your patience and support throughout the last year. If my current pace is anything to go by, Splintered Sun will be around for a long while yet. XD

I love you all! <3

Emy xxx



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20 responses to “First Anniversary: A List of What to Expect! :)

  1. I have a question for you! Is your fianceé the most awesome person in the entire world? ;D

    That aside…. Happy birthday, Gabeface!!

  2. Okay, was there anything that inspired you to create a character like Gabe, with his background?
    I hope wordpress will send me an email, it doesn’t always.

  3. I have some questions!! First: Why are you so awesome, and how can I get that awesome?!?!

    Now I have to try to think of some real questions. What was your inspiration for the character names? What made you name it Splintered Sun? And why the last name Nesaren? Sorry, I’m a name nerd :D

    I’m very excited to learn about your inspiration for Gabe!

    Also, do you ever get inspired by others’ Sims writing?

  4. Dreamy Underwood

    Well, I have some QUESTIONS!! *Evil Laugh*

    Well, How are you such and awesome writer and how do you get all the inspration for the AMAZING storylines you have?

    How do you deal with writer’s block?

    Where did you get the idea for the backgrouns of all the characters?

  5. Cinnamon Sugar

    Aww you decided to go with my idea, I’m so glad! Plus it looks like I’m not the only one interested in learning about how you come up with your plot lines :D

    I suppose, one of the things I’ve always been curious about (other than the questions that have already been asked) is do you write your chapter than take photos or the other way around? Also, do you know the plot that you want your heir to have and pick traits accordingly, or do you see their traits and go from there? I know you’re following a DIFT and some traits need to be set, but with regards to their back story, etc?

    Also, CONGRATS on the anniversary!! *blows on horn like in the sims*

    • Emy

      Thank you! It’s exciting! Even though it depresses me I’m only on generation two. ;A; But… hopefully I’ll be faster this year. :D

      Thanks for the questions too! I thought your idea was awesome, though I’m so glad other people are interested in me too, hahaha. :)

      • Cinnamon Sugar

        Ah, don’t be depressed, writing good stories takes time! Your first generation was fantastic and I’m sure all the following ones will be as well. Besides, it gives you something to aim for this year right? :D

  6. phoebe91

    Ahh, people already asked most of the questions I wanted to :P But I do have one: What made you want to start writing in general? That is to assume you write other things besides this story. What made you want to write this story?

  7. Congrats on uno anno! Really, I have no idea of the questions to ask, except what your favorite 3 cities in the world and the 5 places you want to visit.

    Yea, not writing related. Sorry abt that.

    • Emy

      Thanks for the questions. Quite interesting, since I haven’t really been outside England, but I’ll see if I can answer them… :)

  8. Herenya

    Okies xD Questions. Questions? Questions!

    First up: Congrats on getting engaged xD (though I’m a little slow so I’m probably veeeeery late with this)

    Second of all: Has it been perilous? The whole… have several save loads and play them differently to get the correct photos xD And the whole pose mods etc…
    Have there been moments when you felt like totally giving up? (like I did with the Thornes)

    And I gotta know: Are the Dreams coming back?!? Dx I miss that legacy xD

  9. Ok, I’m going to ask you the same question that I asked Toast about her story.
    1. How much time do you spend staging for your updates? And which chapter took the most work.

    Also, I’m going to add a question:

    1. How much of the writing did you do before you started playing the scenes out and did anything change once you started playing?

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