Character Interview – Jamie – I need your questions! :)

Hi, guys! :)

As I’m being slow with the new chapter, I thought I’d set this up now to give you guys something to do. Sorry for the delay, by the way! I’m working on it! (At least it’ll be a long chapter, right? RIGHT?! D: )

Firstly, as the title suggests, the next character interview will be for the one and only Jamie Kelly. It was a close thing, though.

As before, ask the character anything you like, as long as it’s a question! I will only veto what I feel is entirely inappropriate/spoilery, so don’t be afraid to ask whatever you want! Random strings of swearwords or insults don’t count, guys. ;D I can’t guarantee you’ll get an answer from them, since I’ll be answering in character. :)

So, comment here with your questions! :)

The question pool will be open until the 31st May 2012. If the deadline passes, though, and you suddenly think of a burning question you haven’t asked, don’t be afraid to comment. As long as I haven’t finished the interview shoot, I should be able to work it in! ;)

Also, here is a poll for the next interview after Jamie. Because I’ve decided to be prepared this time.

(On that note, Splintered Sun’s anniversary is coming up… not sure what I should do for it. Any suggestions? :))

Thanks for all the support, guys!

Emy xx



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31 responses to “Character Interview – Jamie – I need your questions! :)

  1. Jedidiah

    Anniversary? Mhm…
    Rats… I don’t know… a picnic with all them major charas? oh ignore me… Jackie’s emails woke me up… *goes off to hunt for some coffee*

    • Emy

      Sounds like chaos! ;D

      Aw, go drink some coffee. Hope you’re feeling better! <3

      • Jax

        Okay, let’s seeeee….

        Okay Jamie, what is it like raising all of those children? It must get hard at times to keep track of all of them. Do any of them get jealous because they don’t biologically belong to you?

        I know it’s hard to talk about your past, but, what do you think your life would be like if your brother had not been, well… you know.

        Love you sweetie! :) You’re amazing.

      • Jedidiah

        Some days are better than others, really. -.-‘
        But uhm, Ems, mind if you could uncheck that Follow Comments in the Discussion session? I keep getting emails notifications from all the other peeps who comments on your blog. Not that I don’t like mail, just … you know… ;-) Thanks ^_^

        • Emy

          Aw, well, hope you get better soon. <3

          For some reason, it's started automatically checking the box and you have to remember to uncheck it. :/ I don't want to take it off completely in case people like to follow comments (like me, I'm a stalker), but I found if you go to the 'blogs I follow' section, and then go to the 'comments' section of that, you should be able to unsubscribe from comments on separate posts. If it gets too much hassle, I'll disable it, though, because I keep accidentally following my own comments. :/

    • Jax

      LOL I said I was sorry :P

  2. Herenya

    How does it feel to be away from Gabe? And what’s it like being a father? Did Gabe influence the way you look after your kids?

    How did you feel when Gabe told you the truth about his past? And how did you feel when Gabe was shot :(? Were you worried about him and Susie after the Kami incident?

    Last question =P I promise xD What do you think of your (sort of) younger siblings? Are you happy that Gabe and Susie had children? Do you see your siblings often O.O?

    Ok x.x so that was more then one question but meh xD

    And sorry I haven’t been commenting recently =P I have been reading… I swear xD Just been so busy.. being busy O.o

  3. Dreamy Underwood

    Do you think your life would have been tottaly diffrent if your Mum hadn’t died?
    Do you think the abuse you suffered when you were younger supred you on to have a large loving family with Jenna?

    Also for the aniversary, You could do something for bit… I mean from Gabe’s Mum about how she feels about leaving a husband and young son.

  4. Cinnamon Sugar

    Oh Jamie, I adore you so much. First of all, thanks so much for being there for Gabe. I don’t think he would have made it through everything if he didn’t have you by his side.

    There’s only one question that I really want to ask you and that’s, ‘If you had a chance to see your brother again and tell him one thing and ask him one question what would those be?’ (if that doesn’t make sense to you Emy, please let me know and I’ll try to type it out better :P)

    As for the anniversary… ummm… how about a big family dinner? Or I suppose, you could always write about your inspiration and thoughts about the chapters you’ve done so far. I know as a writer I don’t like talking about myself, but I often find it interesting to see what other writers go through. You could even make it an interview if you wanted.

    Just some thoughts!

    • Emy

      Thanks for the question! :) Don’t worry, it makes perfect sense. :)

      And I like your idea about writing about my inspiration and things. I have lots of things I haven’t been able to share with people about this blog, so that’d be interesting (I hope!). Thank you!!

      And I’m definitely leaning towards a photoshoot with the whole family. :) That’d be nice.

      • Cinnamon Sugar

        I’m SO glad it made sense.

        I think it’d be interesting, and I’d LOVE to hear about the ideas you haven’t been able to write about – I assume because it didn’t fit with the story.

        Family shoots are always wonderful to see.

  5. Momo

    Ah! I’ve been waiting for this!

    Ok, um… *ahem* Jamie, judging by your past, you’ve had a rough life. What if you’d never been forced to run away, therefore you never met Claude? Do you think your life would’ve turned out for the better, even if it meant not meeting Gabe?

  6. Hmm… Let’s see. I might end up asking questions that have already been answered, cuz my brain is fried at the current moment (and probably will forever be that way). Uhh… In your little back-story-explaining chapter, your story goes up until you run away. I’m curious how exactly you got to Gabe’s house, and if you believe that it was just luck, or some divine intervention.

    For some reason I would like to see interviews with characters that we barely know. Like Arthur for instance, or Gabe’s mom. IDKY.

    Oh also, I have seen in comments that you have alot of catching up to do with blogs, but I was wondering if I could add to your plate. I have a legacy, and an isbi that I was wondering if you could check em out. please?


    • Emy

      That’s an interesting question! :) I like it. Thank you!

      Yeah, I debated putting those two on the poll but I wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested in reading about them! XD I know for next time, thanks! :)

      And sure!! I have a lot ot catch up with, but I’ll put those on my to read list and try and read them over the summer. :) <3

  7. Spazzberrie

    Who styles your hair, Jamie? I love it.

    (In character way of asking where did you get his hair??? It’s so lovely.)

  8. Okay, sorry I’m late with my question, wordpress isn’t sending me emails for blog updates, but anyways, I do have a question.
    Jamie, when Claude was forcing you and Arthur to…you know, what was going through your mind, and do you wish that you would have went through with it, so Claude wouldn’t of killed Arthur for refusing?
    Emy, in case you don’t know, I’m talking about the twin porn, but I figured you do, but thought I’d make sure….
    I also want to know, How do you get through everyday life after what you went through, if it was me, I think I’d be too scarred to be happy, and leading a good life like you, how’d you get through it?

  9. swimlilfishey

    Jamie do you think and see Gabe as the fatherly figure in your life now? And are you still worried about him even now?

    I love this interview thing and last time I was too scared to ask a question but I hope these ones will do! The interviews are so interesting and a cool twist to the story :) Keep it up please!! :)

    • Emy

      Thanks for the questions! :)

      And thanks!! Don’t be scared to ask questions or comment or anything. :) I don’t bite! :) <3

  10. Melanie Baker

    Oooh I haven’t been on this site for a little whil, been busy updating chapters for my own little generations of misfits. Generation two now, which has been imensly fun to write up. heehee.

    Anyway, Jamie.
    Your Life seemed really hard before you met Gabriel. and sorry sweetie, but that’s what my question are about, I don’t want to make you upset, not at all, But I want to know how you and your brother managed to keep your heads up when all of those horrible things were happening.
    Do you miss your brother?
    What was going through your head when HE came back looking for you?
    Thanks Jamie, you take care of Jenna and the kids now, okay?

    • Emy

      Thanks for the questions! :)

      And don’t worry. I know how hectic life can be, haha. It’s been over a month since I’ve been able to update. >.>

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