I’d love your input! :)

Hey, guys. Just a quick post to tell you I finished and uploaded Gabriel’s interview!! Just click the banner!

In other news, I want you guys to choose who I interview next!! I’m hoping to focus more on the characters from the first generation, since Elery’s generation has only just started. So, basically, comment on who you’d like to go next:

Susannah Nesaren (Moss)

Jamie Kelly

James Frank

Other (please tell me who!)

Also, I’d like some more ideas about what to do on the extras page, since I have a lot of fun doing little side things. Some of the things I’ve thought of to play with when I have more time: short stories involving side characters, berry versions of the characters, sexy photoshoots, fun photoshoots, gender-bending… is there anything really obvious I’m missing? Or is there anything you guys would really like to see? :)

Love you all!

Emy xxx



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16 responses to “I’d love your input! :)

  1. I think you should interview Kami~

  2. Amy

    Mt vote goes to Susannah :)

  3. James Frank would be an interesting choice, though…. I am going with Jamie for an interiew. And as for extras… O_O Those all sound AMAZING!

  4. I love all those ideas! And I think you should interview Jamie ^-^

  5. JAMIE!!! And I’d read spin-off short stories. I’m thinking of doing a spin-off adventure with Pear…

    • Emy

      Haha, I knew you’d pick Jamie. ;D

      Also, a spin-off story with Pear would be awesome. I’m debating doing one with some of Farrow’s band members because I like them. :D

  6. An interview with Kami would be…. (looking for the right word…)
    Interesting? Haha!
    I would read a spin-off. Actually, all of the extras sound like they would be a good time.

  7. Either James Frank or Seely :) he’d be fun…

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