2.01 – Me and My Family

A/N: Hi guys! Welcome to generation two! As you can see, this chapter’s going to be a little different than usual as it’s an assignment Elery has written for class. I thought it was a good way of introducing you back to the family after a bit of a time skip.

This chapter has a guest appearance by the wonderful commonthistle. See if you can spot her! :)

Also, this chapter marks the first appearance of Jedidiah‘s simself and a sim inspired by one Desmera made for me, called Charity. Both sims will have a large role to play in the coming generation, so I thought I’d credit them here to save me doing so at the beginning of each chapter.

Introductions aside… I had you over to Elery for the very first time. Enjoy!

Me and My Family

by Elery Nesaren (Aged 9)

This is my house. Mummy says we’ve lived here since before I was even born, but I don’t renember that. That was forever ago!

This is my room (and our dog!). I share with Farrow. He says that the walls used to have bees on but I don’t renember that either.

I like my bed. It’s nicer that Farrow’s. This is where Mummy puts loy loi loo loshun on my skin to make sure it doesn’t dry out. She does this when I wake up, when I get home from scool and when I go to bed. :)

This is my big brother, Farrow. He is 15. We don’t get on becos he is mean to me. Mummy says we used to be best frends, but I think she is rong.

When I was little, Farrow never let me play. I wanted to be a prince. He said I had to be an monster becos I’m ugly. I cried and Mummy told him off. I didn’t get to play.

Farrow plays his stupid geetar all day. He wants to be a rock star like Uncle Isaac, but I think you have to be nice to be a rock star. Uncle Isaac is nice. Farrow is mean. :(

I wish he liked me.

This is my sister, Heidi. She is 13. She is a girl so we don’t play much, but she is not mean like Farrow. She said she would help me take pictures for this project. :)

This is Mummy. Mummy does the cooking and the cleaning and takes care of us. She is the best mummy in the hole world.

This is Mummy when she reelised I was taking pictures. She has a nice smile. :)

This is Daddy. Daddy is a hero. He saved me from a big fire when I was little.

Daddy doesn’t talk much and he likes to be out in his garden. Farrow says he was diffrent before the fire, but I don’t renember. After the fire, they took Daddy away for a bit becos the policemen thought he had set the house on fire. Mummy says they are rong. Daddy says it was a gost that made the fire, but Mummy says there’s no such thing as gosts.

Farrow says that Daddy went to a mental ass aslum assilum and that they did nasty things to him. I asked him like what and Farrow says like elektrik shocks and ice baths. Mummy says Farrow is lying and told him off. Mummy says that Daddy just went to a quite place for a while. But I don’t know. I had nightmares about the assilum. I think Daddy has nightmares too.

Mummy and Daddy love each other very much. Farrow says he hates Daddy, but Mummy says Farrow is sad becos he misses our old daddy. I don’t understand. We’ve only ever had one daddy. I think.

This is Genesis. She is our dog. She spends lots of time with Daddy in his garden but sometimes she lets me hug her and then licks my face which is icky but I love her anyway.

This is Jamie. He’s my bigger brother, though he’s old. He’s not really my brother but Daddy adopted him so he kind of is. :) Jamie is married to Jenna and has six children, so I am an uncle even though I’m only 9. :) Jamie comes round sometimes to look after us kids, and sometimes to look after Daddy.

I like Jamie. He always plays with me and helps me with my homework.

This is Nanny and Grandad Moss. They come over all the time from where they live in Medowglen. Sometime we go to see them there too and Nanny always bakes lots of cookies! Sometimes Jamie comes with us but if he is too bizzy Nanny always sends a bunch of cookies back for him. Sometimes we eat some in the car but that’s a secret so don’t tell her. :)

This is my scool. It is one of my favrite places becos no one is mean to me.

This is my classroom and my teacher, Mrs Bruce. She is very nice and she told off Robert when he was mean to me so no one is mean anymore! She can be scary but only if you don’t do your homework and I always do mine so I really like her.

This is a picture of my best frends, Jed and Charity.

Jed reads a lot and he is really nice. Sometimes he lets me borrow his books and I have to be carefull not to bend them or he gets mad. But I never bend them so it’s okay. Jed has been my frend since we started scool and I bumped him and he fell in a puddle and got his uniform muddy. I let him borrow my jumper so he didn’t get cold.

Ree only came to scool this year becos she was teached at home, but she wanted to come to scool to make frends. The first day she brung frogspawn to show and tell and all the girls screamed! Me and Jed desided to show her where to find the best frogspawn in the school pond and after that we were best frends. Ree says we’re better than girls but I think she’s kind of sad sometimes that the girls call her frogface. When Mrs Bruce hears they get told off.

Even if my family don’t get along all the time, I still love them. Farrow is a meanie but sometimes he tells really good stories and Heidi is always nice to me. Mummy and Daddy are the best Mummy and Daddy in the hole world and Daddy is my hero no matter what Farrow says about gosts and assilums.

Mummy says that I forgot to put a picture of me but I didn’t want to. Mummy made me take one.

Heidi got me when I wasn’t reddy.

This is me. My name is Elery and I am 9 years old.

The end.



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53 responses to “2.01 – Me and My Family

  1. Elery is the cutest little bean! I just want to SMOOSH him!

    Butbutbut Gabe :( Poor baby. I just want to make everything better so Farrow doesn’t have an uber-sad and they can go back to being the adorable happy family.

    I loves it, squishy. Excellent as always :D

    • Emy

      Isn’t he? *smooshes him* I love him to pieces already. I’m going to enjoy his gen, I think. :D

      I know, my poor Gabe. :c He tries to be the best dad he can, though. Really. *pets Farrow* He just misses the old Gabe.

      Thank you! <3

  2. -Huggles the whole family, expecially Gabe and Elery-

    • Emy

      Huggles are good. :) <3

    • Anywho down to an actual comment besides huggles and whatnot. -gives Farrow a hug too- xD

      I love the intro and I can’t wait to see what happens. I feel sorry that things have happened to Elery the way they have but at least he be alive. And oh poor Gabriel. Hopefully he starts getting better soon and x3 Oh my goodness the whole family is adorable. I love Elery’s friends and teacher.

      • Emy

        Aw, thank you. I figured this intro was the best way to go. Since things have changed (obviously) since Gabe’s last post.

        Elery’s a strong little thing. <3 Gabe, not so much. XD Poor Gabe.

        I love Elery's friends too. :D They'll make this generation fun! ;D

        Thanks! <3

  3. GABE! *Cries* Gabe went to the crazy house? Can I has him for an update in the Rains. . . *strokes chin.* I need lots of crazy sims, I do! Poor Gabe, he’s just so sad. Stupid Frank ghost. He should have protected his home with salt!

    Ahem, now to Elery. Oh gosh this was the cutest chapter ever. I love the misspelled words, really makes it sound and reads like a nine year old. And Farrow is mean! LoL. Farrow is also GORGEOUS! Can’t wait to see where Elery goes from here! Knowing you, its going to be an awesome road ahead!

    • Emy

      Lol, salt! Of course! *shakes fist at Frank ghost* Yeah, he really did go to the crazy house, but I believe Farrow is exaggerating as to what happened to him there. :P As kids do, you know.

      Farrow is very gorgeous. I can’t help but stare at him lots. *_* He is mean, yes, but he’s only mean because he’s hurting and Elery’s a reminder of why. If that makes any sense at all.

      And aw, thanks! I hope you guys will enjoy it! :D <3

  4. I love Elery already…he is a sweetheart!! I’m sad he gets teased because of his scars, but I’m glad he has good friends and Mrs. Bruce on his side. I’m sorry for what’s happened to Gabe. I actually was thinking he died…I guess he kind of did. I’m glad he was able to save Elery though!!

    • Emy

      Elery’s really quite a happy little thing. <3 People aren't as cruel to him as they could be, and he does have some great friends. :)

      It was all too much for Gabe, really. He's all right, and it was a really nice institution that he went to – he's just rather fragile. He's terrified if he lets himself be happy James Frank will come back.

      Thanks! <3

  5. I love this…so adorable. SO adorable. He’s so cute, and I’m really sad about Farrow being a meanie. Heidi is adorable, too. and poor Gabe!! So happy to hear that he’s alive, but poor those nightmares and all that…so sad :(

  6. No Gabe!! Please go back to being happy! I LOVE YOU!! <3

  7. I just have to start off saying that this chapter was the cutest thing I have ever read. I love all the spelling mistakes because it just makes it seem so much more life-like.

    Oh and another thing: AW. Wittle Jed is adorables!!! So cwute! ;] I know I saw him before, but still haha.

    Aw… I feel so bad for Elery. :/ He has burns from the fire. I also feel bad for him because Farrow doesn’t like him D: And GABE! Please be happy again… oh pleasepleaseplease. :(

    Great start to the new generation Emy!

    • Emy

      The spelling mistakes killed my soul. I kid you not. XD But haha, I’m glad you liked them.

      Aww, I know! I’m so glad Jed let me use his simself for this gen – Elery needs some friends, and it helps if they’re cute! :D

      Burns. :c Though, despite it all, he’s a rather happy little thing. He hasn’t known any different, really. :)

      Thanks so much! <3

  8. Jedidiah

    Ok ok, Elery got me! I was sniffling and awwing all the way through his essay.

    I am relieved that everyone is ok. No one died. But it is sad to see Gabe so changed. Wrong accusations, and than mental institution. Like he hasn’t suffered enough. :/ Poor Gabe. What the hay, Farrow?! Don’t you ever call Elery that ever again! Sad Jed at seeing him being a mean hormone driven teen monster. Here’s hoping it’s just a phase. Heidi looks so pretty. A bit like Mrs. Moss too, right?

    This was a great read. It teached me a lot. ^^

    And thanks for reminding me of my awkward child and even more teen years. Much appreciated. XD


    • Jedidiah

      Even more awkward teen years I meant to write. O_o
      And now add “senile rest of my life” to that comment.


    • Emy

      I love Elery. <3 He's adorable and happy.

      I know, poor Gabe. :c He's just not had a great time of it, has he? XD *pets him*

      Farrow's just hurting, and yes, hormone driven meaness is just his way of expressing that. Hopefully they'll get on better when they grow up a bit more. XD

      Heidi looks a lot like Mrs Moss. Toast's genes are strong in her! :o

      Hahaha, you're very welcome. Your teen years are yet to come, I'm afraid! ;D Hopefully I won't mess you up too much!!

      And aw, you're not senile. <3

      Thanks! <3

  9. Liza

    AWWWW I just wanna sqoosh that little Elery!

  10. Elery is adorable! Admittedly, generation two, along w others are my favorite generations in the DITFT.

    Anyways, Gabe is indeed alive, but broken. I feel bad for him.

    Why the heck is Farrow being mean to Elery? He can’t blame Elery for the scars.

    • Emy

      I’ve always dreaded gen 2, because I don’t find the business career much fun. I really wasn’t sure how I was going to have it go down, and I have it all planned out now and I think it’ll be good! :D

      Alive, but broken, yes. At least you have a chance to fix things that are broken. There’s no fixing what is dead.

      Farrow doesn’t blame Elery for his scars, but seeing the scars reminds Farrow of the night he lost his daddy and he got a stranger in his place. It just hurts him, and lashing out is the only way he’s found to deal with that.

      Thanks <3

  11. Hi. I’m one of your lurkers and wanted to say that I really love your legacy and the way you write. I may not have commented but I’ve been reading for a while!! Well done :)

  12. Hey nice chapter, I really liked it, just not feeling like putting a long comment.

  13. What a great idea for an introduction to a new generation! I love it! Elery is just adorable and I love the little typos and crossed out words as he tried to spell them correctly. SO cute!

    Poor Farrow, it’s not nice to be mean to your baby brother! I wonder what it is that’s making him act out. Even if it is that he misses the old Gabe, he shouldn’t take it out on Elery.

    OMG GABE! *huggles* I can’t believe he was sent to a mental institution! That poor man is just suffering with a crazy demon who’s trying to ruin his life, he’s not crazy! Ask the ghost busters, they’ll tell you!

    Aww I’m glad we got to see a bit of Jamie and ZOMG junior Jeb is SO cute as a kid!

    • Emy

      Aw, thank you! :) Elery’s adorable, and it was a lot of fun to write, even if the spelling mistakes killed me! XD

      Farrow’s hurting and lashing out. It’s know excuse for lashing out at poor Elery, but he’s still a kid too, really. Silly boy. Hopefully he’ll grow out of it.

      Unfortunately, trying to explain about crazy demon ghosts makes you look crazy, so he didn’t really get off to the best start. Particularly with his obsession with that darn oven. Poor Gabe. Susie believes him, so at least that’s some comfort for him.

      Junior Jed is adorable!!! I had so much fun picking out an outfit for him, hahaha. <3 Also, Jamie <3 He's not gone quite yet! :D

      Thanks! <3

  14. texasinsanity

    aw, Farrow, why you gotta be so mean to your brother? D:

    Elery is adorable, as expected :D But poor Gabe :(

    Can I just say how jealous I am of your writing abilities? My stories are pieces of…crud…compared to this! Love it!

    • Emy

      Farrow’s just hurting. :c

      I love Elery. I think he might grow to be one of my favourites, but we’ll see how the rest of his generation pans out. And yes, poor Gabe. :c

      Awww, thank you so much. Don’t sell yourself short, though! I’m sure your writing isn’t crud! :) <3

  15. omg, me!!! You put me in there! *gasps of joy*

    Okay. ahem. now that we’ve gotten THAT out of the way….I love Elery!! such a little sweetie! Farrow needs to pull his head out, and stop being such a mean older brother. >:( I’m glad Elery has some friends (and a COMPLETELY AWESOME teacher)–and you did a great job remaking Charity, too.

    But…but…Gabe? O_O He needs many huggles! :( Poor Gabe. :(

    • Emy

      I did! :D <3

      Hahahaha, Elery does have an awesome teacher. And great friends. He's a lucky little boy, really. Farrow will come around, eventually. XD

      Many huggles are required! :c

      Thanks! <3

  16. swimlilfishey

    AWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! This is the cutest chapter EVER!!!! I’m so glad that they all survived the fire, but it left poor Gabe in a bad frame of mind. Poor Gabe, I hope Elery can get him to come back into the old Gabe. That would be cute :) I like Farrow, he’s awesome! I can’t wait to see him protect his little brother from something, even if he is a ‘meanie’. :) Good job with this Emy, totally worth the wait!!!! :D

    • Emy

      Aw, I’m glad you liked it! :D And aww, yes, that would be cute. :) We’ll see what happens – I have it all planned out. ;D

      I like Farrow too. Silly teenage boy that he is. <3

      Thanks so much! <3

  17. Melanie Baker

    Gabe’s alive! and was… awww. this is adorable… but poor little El… his face… he’s still georgeous though. lovely update, can’t wait for the next.

  18. Awwwww! What an adorable introduction to the new heir ^_^ He is soooo cute and sweet! *huggles Elery* Poor little guy…although I’m just glad that he got out of the fire!!!

    And also poor Gabe :( I’m wondering how exactly he was changed by this traumatizing event, seeing as it’s to the point where Farrow makes it a point to distinguish pre-incident Gabe from post-incident Gabe. Through Elery’s 9-year old eyes it’s difficult to tell, but I can imagine that he’s pretty messed up after something like that, even if everyone did make it out alive.

    Oh, and on a random side-note, JAMIE!!! I love that guy, lol. Always awesome to see him =D

    • Emy

      I love writing him. He’s adorable. :)

      It’s hard to see through Elery at the moment, since he can’t remember pre-incident Gabe, but I think it’ll become a lot clearer next chapter when Elery’s older and more aware of what’s going on. He’s terrified to be happy, for one thing, as… well, look what happened when he was last happy. o.o

      I love my Jamie! :D Had to include him in Elery’s family since he’ll always be a big part of it. :)

      Thank you! <3

  19. Blue

    Don’t think I’ve ever commented on anything of yours before, but this… *d’aww*
    Elery is adorable. I can’t wait to read more of his story!

    I’d hug Gabe if I thought he was up for it. They put him in a mental hospital?! (as someone who has been hospitalized before, my heart goes out to him)

    • Emy

      Hi! :D Well, it’s always nice to meet new commenters! :)

      I’m glad you like Elery. I have a lot planned for him, so I hope you enjoy the journey! :)

      And yes, poor Gabe. :c They did think he had set fire to the place, though, so I guess it was better than him going to prison. I suppose it’s hard to believe that ‘ghosts’ are responsible. :/

      Thanks for the comment! <3

  20. Amy

    All caught up <333 And so glad, amazing job Emy- sorry that I missed so much :( Can't wait for more!

  21. Herenya

    Elery is just the cutest thing EVER! =O Ok… maybe I’m over-reacting xD But he is totally adorable <3 I just wanna kinda smosh him in a hug…

  22. What a cute intro, this little guy is such a character :)

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