1.14 – Ashes

A/N: This is the last chapter of generation one! *sobs* Well, last chapter was officially the end of Gabe’s narration, so this chapter is a little different. And really really short. But entirely necessary for what I have planned for generation two.

I’m going to revamp cast pages and the header over the next week or so in preparation for the new generation, so pretty soon you’ll know who’s going to take over the reins! But, for now, I’ll leave you in suspense a little longer…

You can’t run…”

You can’t escape…”

You can’t forget…”


No matter how hard you try…”

You won’t escape.”

Not from me.”

I won’t let you.



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69 responses to “1.14 – Ashes

  1. D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D:


  2. OMG! What a cliffhanger….

  3. dot823

    D: D: D: D:
    T.T T.T T.T T.T
    You just killed me inside. Just a little. *sobs*

  4. Omg. I want to know what gonna happen!

  5. EMY!!!! What are you trying to do to me?! Elery!!!!! GABE! No one die! Everyone live, please, please, please! D:

  6. Dollparts

    So he wasn’t wrong to be afraid of the stove all this time.

    no but seriously that sucks :( I can’t wait to see what happens though, and I hope Elery and gabe are gonna be ok.

    Also you did a really good job making the house look realistically on fire. I tried to do that once but it didn’t work out so well, and now the effects in my game are broken so I can’t even try it again.

  7. Jedidiah

    Wuahhhhhh!!! O_O

    ….this is a great way to end this generation. I mean not great haha great but in style and presentation very cool and smart. My guess is, Gabe will sacrifice his life for his baby. Though I hope both of them will be ok. Poor Susie and the rest of the family having to watch this though. If Gabe will get out of this alive (and the baby is not… O_O), then I’m sure Gabe will eat autumn salads for the rest of his life. No more ovens for him.


    • Emy

      Why, thank you, Jed! :) Don’t worry, not every generation will end like this, I promise. It was quite interesting to do a chapter that was mainly just pictures, though.

      Definitely no more ovens. No no no. XD


    Although besides my fear for the family, I have to say kudos for making Gabriel’s fears come true. That is, it’s such a major point throughout the story, that Gabriel has this fear of ovens and I figured it was just a “really important” part of his character since it was frequently mentioned, but then lo and behold…it was significant plot-wise too!!

    Well done, well done…..

    Now post that next chapter telling me that everyone is safe!!!! D=

    • Emy

      Thank you! It seems I’ve actually learnt something during my degree, haha. Never introduce something you’re not going to follow up with later, that’s a rule a try to stick to. ;)

      I will get the next chapter up asap! :) <3

  9. If Elery dies, you die.

  10. Dreamy Underwood

    I read this morning and just re-read to make sure it wasn’t a dream. Hold On, *read agian* Emy, *craws at Emy* HOW COULD YOU! *curls up in a balls throwing weak fists Emy’s way*

  11. Wow, what a cliff hanger! 0_0 I can’t believe that his fear of stoves would circle into this!

  12. texasinsanity

    What?! No! But.. But I just… He… It-!! D: *pitiful puppy dog whine* Whyyyyyy Emy, whyyyyy? >n<

    Great ending though :P

  13. Oh no!! I’m scared for Gabe and the baby!!!

  14. Herenya


    You cannot… do this to me D=
    Please tell me he hasn’t died … pleeeeease

  15. Melanie Baker


  16. omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgohmygod! D; Please don’t make us wait for too long! D; D; D; D;

    (plus, totally brilliant, darling. amazing!)

  17. Holy Majoly! That was unexpected and terrifying. However, it was also beautifully done. What awesome pictures! I’m in awe here, bowing down to your skill with staging and getting the “right” shot.

    Amazing. I hope Gabe and the baby make it :(

  18. -Sneaks into Sims 3 game to save Gabe and Elery from Emy’s maniacal clutches-

    You see nothing!

  19. Holy hell in a handbasket! I guess Gabe was right about the stove all along. :( I really, really hope everyone is all right!!

  20. Singer14

    *clears throat, holds breath*


  21. Hey, Emy :) I just wanted to stop by and let you know I’m having my torch holder vote and I wouldn’t want you to miss out! It’s at the bottom of the new chapter ^_^ <3

    Thanks a bunches!!! <333

    – Jax

  22. O.O What. . . Uh. . . Emy. . . WHATTHEDEVILSISTHIS!!! *Just breath OPB* WTFPLUMBOBS! What are you trying to do to my poor heart Emy! GAAAAABE I’LL SAVE YOU!!! *Runs into burning building cause I am so down like that* Emy, this is an EVIL thing you are doing. . . Stop it. >< Poor Gabe and Elery! *Wants an HEA*

  23. Christie :D

    WHAT???!!!! NO FREAK’N WAY!!!!
    How could this happen?! Gabe’s life was finally at its peak and now. . . .now they’re all DOOMED!!!!
    Poor doomed family.
    Love the way you wrote this tho. FREAK’N BRILLIANT!!!

  24. Quite an impressive tale you’ve spun Emy. I’m glad to see that for the most part Gabe has worked through his demons. Perhaps with a little more time, James Frank will vanish as well.

    Of course, this chapter eludes to everything but!! GAH! I can assume El will be safe ’cause the banner says he’s the next heir but… what about GABE!!!

    I’ll wait anxiously for the next chapter.

    • Emy

      Aw, thank you very much. :)

      James Frank… yes… *strokes imaginary beard* Well, he’s not going to vanish quietly, is he? He’s not that sort of man. Hell-bent on revenge, I’d say. Yup.

      Oh, Gabe. <3

      I hope to get the new chapter up soon! :)

  25. swimlilfishey

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE POST THE NEXT CHAP!!!!!!!!! I’m like totally dying, the suspense is killing me!!

    • Emy

      It’ll be up within the next couple of days. I basically have most of it done, I just need a couple more pictures and to finish my last university assignment which is due in tomorrow. :)

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