No Internet! =[

Hi, guys!

Just to let you know, we have no Internet in the new house yet, so I’ll be MIA for a while until we get the landlord to fix it. I hope to be back online soon!! I’m working on a chapter for Splintered Sun in Microsoft Word, so hopefully as soon as I get Internet back I’ll be able to post that up. :) Thanks for your patience!

Emy xxx



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4 responses to “No Internet! =[

  1. Argh, no internet sucks! Damn thee, internet provider gods! Good luck getting things resolved with your landlord, hope you can get it taken care of quickly!

  2. Dreamy Underwood

    How can you survive without Internet. I would be shacking all the time. Good Luck, Hope you have a nice Landlord. He sorts your Internet. That sounds like an amazing landlord. We will wait for forver (well 2 year) for a new SS Chapter.

  3. Argh that stinks! I would go nuts without the internet XD

  4. O: How can you stand not having internets. ;.; I go crazy with out having it for half a day. ;A; We miss you. Hopefully you can get it sorted out soons.

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