Help me decide! D:

Edit: I won’t really put a story on ‘hiatus’, per se. It’ll be more like… one will be updated a bit more often than the other and neither of them will be updated like, every week or something. Just to make things clearer. I can’t give up on either of my stories! D: /panic

Hey, guys!

Well, I’m off back to university in two days (aaaarghhh D: ) and I find myself with a bit of a dilemma. This is my last year on my course, and I’m aiming for a First, so I actually have quite a bit of work ahead of me if I want to actually get that. In an ideal world, I’d be able to do all my work AND update my blogs regularly, but unfortunately that’s not going to happen.

So I thought I’d put up a poll to see what you guys would prefer I do. Do I continue to update my blogs, but a lot less regularly, or do I… well. You’ll see the poll. :)


Don’t worry, whatever I end up doing, when I finish university all blogs will start being updated again more regularly! Including the Lancasters, which have been sadly neglected for a while. XD

Thanks, guys!!

Emy xxx



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30 responses to “Help me decide! D:

  1. I thought about voting for you to put the Dreams on hiatus since that would give me a chance to get caught up, but then I thought maybe that was selfish on my part since others are caught up with the I vote for doing both, just alternating them…your stories are worth the wait :-) However, I understand if it’s easier on you to not have to juggle two stories with schoolwork too.

    • Emy

      I think that’s probably what I’ll end up doing. I mean, if one story gets more votes than the other one, I’ll probably update that one a bit more often, but I think I’ll still update the other. Just because I think if I left one it’d be hard to come back to it. :/

      Thanks <3

  2. Mira

    I voted for you to update Splintered Sun more often because I’m selfish :S
    I still would recommend you to focus more on your university though, but I still like reading this, so I don’t know.

  3. The last option is sad. :c no one better click that one. *shakes fist*

    Work comes first, as you know…but I’ll vote for alternating because sticking to just one project and ignoring another one can be hard. Especially because you know you’ll get great ideas for the other one if you ignore it. XD

    • Emy

      Yeah, though if someone does click that I’ll be very confused as to why they bothered voting, haha.

      I think I’ll probably end up alternating, because I know I can never just stick with one thing! XD

      Thanks! :) <3

  4. Keep updating BOOOOOOOOTH.


  5. You should do the next Shades of Grey post =D =D =D

  6. Dreamy Underwood

    1,2 and 4 All together. I was also kinda wondering if every one had voted for the last option. We all need Splintered Sun and Dreams to be at a safe/ comfortable place before any pause can happen.

  7. Jedidiah

    Commented on the Dreams site ;)… and I was wondering… no one commented yet???

  8. Since I adore both it was a very hard choice. I didn’t want to vote for both because that would be too hard on you :/ So I voted Splinter because Dreams had awhile, and Splinter needs some more sunshine! :D *No pun intended*

    Oh, and your right… I went straight to Splintered XD It’s just a natural reaction I guess XD Gosh dang it, speaking of Dreams I need to read that chapter when I’m not busy with school work! ha ha.

    In the end Emy, do what you feel is best. :) <3 I'll be around no matter what you choose.

  9. Voted :-) I love the Dreams <3 Anyways, have fun at school, I know I am ;)

  10. School comes first, so you can excel. There’s the all the time in the world to update both blogs, so don’t feel pressured updating them.

  11. I haven’t read Dreams, so it probably was unfair of me to vote for Splintered Suns. To be honest, I’d alternate if it was me. So I suppose I should change my vote.

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