Interlude – The Invitation

A/N: This is a special interlude with Seeley and Molly Moss (the simself of Rebecca Toast) from A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss. :) This is just a bit of fun, so it’s rather short. But yes. Enjoy! :D

It was a cold day in Meadow Glen.

A fire crackled merrily in the grate, spilling warmth into the otherwise chilly room. Though the sun shone outside, the light was frozen and weak.

Seeley Moss sat in his favourite chair by the fire, browsing the newspaper. Since he had retired from investigating and his children had all grown up, he often found himself with altogether too much time on his hands.

In recent weeks, his wife, Molly, had been telling him that he needed a hobby. Seeley privately agreed. In his more idle hours, his mind strayed back to the days where he would solve cases, big and small, for the members of the community. Though he had felt both drained and fulfilled after his showdown with Vincent Valentine Mason (although no one would believe that Seeley was anything less than heroic, much to his annoyance), and though he had been happy and thankful to retire, Seeley sometimes felt the familiar itch. He sometimes felt the hunger for the thrill of the chase, the pure adrenaline of the game. He missed the finesse, the dance and battle of intelligent minds.

His fingers twitched on the paper. There must be something, something that he could set his mind to. Molly didn’t have to know…

His eyes stopped on a tiny paragraph, nestled between an advertisement for a local eating contest (maybe that was worth looking into?) and one for a local escort company (definitely not worth looking into).

Local girl, Susannah Moss, daughter of retired private investigator, Seeley Moss, is working her way up the ladder in Riverview. Not only is her band, Sienna Dreams, starting to become noticed by the Riverview music industry, Susannah is getting married! Our hawk-eyed contact spotted her shopping for wedding dresses with an unidentified male companion. It seemed that her companion was too young to be her future husband, and speculation is rife about the identity of the mystery groom.

Seeley shook his head in disgust. Couldn’t these vultures leave his children alone?

And then, the words of the article started to sink in.

Susannah. Getting married.

A mystery groom.



An hour later, Seeley found himself staring into the fire, his mind wearily treading the same circular paths.

Why hadn’t Susie contacted them? As far as he was aware, she hadn’t even told them that she had a boyfriend, though Molly was more likely to know about that sort of thing than he was.

And who was this guy who dared to think he could marry his daughter without the courtesy of meeting him first?

“Seeley, I have something I need to -”

“Molly, we’re going to Riverview. I need to give our daughter’s fiancé a piece of my mind.”

Molly blinked at him.

“How did you -”

But Seeley wasn’t listening.

“I may be older than that guy (I hope), but I still have it!”

“Seeley… you do know you look ridiculous, right?”

“Maybe a little bit…”

“But that doesn’t change the fact we’re going to Riverview. I won’t let him get away with this. I’ll find out if he’s suitable for our Susie, you mark my words.” He paused. “I can’t believe Susie didn’t tell us.”

And, with that, he strode out of the door, his mind fixed on his purpose.

Molly stared after him, feeling distinctly baffled. She had almost forgotten what Seeley could be like when he truly set his mind to something.

Smiling to herself, she shook her head.

She would tell him about the wedding invitation that had arrived with that morning’s post on the drive over. Of course, Susie had discussed her boyfriend with Molly on several occasions and Molly, in turn, had mentioned him to Seeley.

But it seemed as though Seeley had conveniently forgotten that.

Molly had to smile to herself.

Her silly husband, deaf to all sense and reason when he was hot on the trail of a potential case. She hadn’t seen him so worked up, so… happy in a long while.

She knew that it was largely guilt about what had happened to Camille that had stopped Seeley from investigating, though he pretended otherwise. It was nice that he had something… well, frivolous, to focus on, rather than chasing ghosts. He had done more than enough of that for one lifetime.

After all, there was no way that this Gabriel could have a skeleton in his closet as big as Vincent Mason.

With that decisive thought, Molly took the car keys (which Seeley had forgotten in his hurry) off the hook and followed her husband out into the cold sunshine.

To Riverview, then.



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34 responses to “Interlude – The Invitation

  1. Awww, Seeley is adorable XD <3

  2. Oh my gosh, I giggled so hard at Seeley and his “give him a piece of my mind” poses. Gaaaahhh I miss them. <3!!!! This was really adorable Emy! I loved it. I don't know how you come up with such cute things like this. I'm jealous, hehe. ;)

    • Emy

      I have to admit, I giggled too. They were just too perfect not to use. XD

      I miss them too. D: Never fear, they’ll be in my next proper chapter at least. ^^

      Thank you so much!! Haha, don’t be jealous, this was just me being silly. ;) <3

  3. Emy, I think you have taken my little fun writing exercise and turned it into something AWESOME!!! I <3 Seeley to no end. OMG I am laughing here. I want to feel bad for Gabe, but I can't cause it IS Seeley Moss. Lets just hope that Seeley doesn't figure out Gabe's past. That could spell disaster.

    • Emy

      I love Seeley too. :D He was one of my favourite heirs. ^^

      Yes, Gabe had better watch out, haha. Though I think Molly will stop him before he gets too involved. Hopefully… for Gabe’s sake.. XD

      Thank you. :D Glad you liked it. ^^

  4. haha! I’m like OPB- I want to feel concern for Gabe, but I am laughing too hard! I <3 Seeley, he makes me so happy. Thanks for the smile, I needed one this morning!

  5. Seeley Seeley Seeley…. hahahaha xD he looks cute all vanilla-fied^^
    I’m just kinda worried that he’ll find out about Gabe’s past – he is awesome at figuring stuff out like that, after all ^__^

    • Emy

      He does, doesn’t he? XD Bless him.

      He is, isn’t he? Hopefully he won’t delve too deeply – and hopefully his wife and daughter can keep him in check!

      Thank you. :D

  6. I <3 Seeley. Gabe doesn't stand a chance.

  7. OMG, Seeley’s fight poses were epic! LOLOL. Oh, Seeley, I heart you. And Molly is such a patient wife. I loved that pic you took of her kind of smiling indulgently. This was short, but you really let a lot of their character show through. Loved it soo much! But uh oh…Gabriel DOES have something to hide…

    • Emy

      I saw the poses and was like… Seeley HAS to use those. XD I had fun. And Molly always struck me as being rather indulgent with Seeley, haha. I know it caused some trouble at one point, but still. :)

      And I’m glad it showed their character, I wasn’t sure that it would. XD

      And uh oh, indeed. Molly will just have to keep Seeley under control. ;)

      Thank you! <3

  8. Dreamy Underwood

    I don’t think Seeley will approve of Gabe’s house and Susie must of been shopping with Jamie, I hope. Unless, They think Gabe is too young.

    Also, I think Molly would have to be really patient with Seeley like that around the house all the time. Also, Will Mia and and Jake be attending or just Seeley and Molly.

    Yeah, Splintered Sun Interlude. *dance*

    • Emy

      I don’t think so either, haha. ^^ And I’m glad you caught that it was Jamie shopping with Susie! :D

      I’m hoping Mia and Jake will be able to attend. :D

      Thank you! <3

  9. Seeley’s so cute!! I bet once he meets Gabe he’ll realize what a nice person he is!

  10. dot823

    I love Seeley…He’s just so awesome. Loved the interlude! I love your interludes. The mix of the long-term stories plus little short tidbits and back-stories are great! I can’t wait to read the next chapter :)

  11. Jedidiah

    :) Well Jamie had it wrong, Mr. Moss isn’t a raging alcoholic Gabe should fear…but a retired investigator who’s itching to snoop around! Oh dear!

    Here’s hoping that Gabe won’t slip up with his past when talking to his in-laws…something tells me he’d better come clean to Suzie before walking down the aisle… Loved the fun interlude.

  12. Mira

    Aww, that was so cute :D
    Poor Gabe… he should have practised more of those “worst-case” scenarious with Jamie!

  13. I loved this! Seeley is so adorable and Molly is so patient. I do wonder what Seeley will dig up about his new son-in-law! I’m sure Seeley wouldn’t let someone marry his daughter without a thorough background check. Gabe better watch out…he may be wishing Seeley was just a mean drunk by the time this is done!

    • Emy

      Ahahaha, I should have thought this through before using Susie. Poor Gabe. Let’s hope the women can control Seeley. ;)

      Glad you enjoyed it! <3

  14. That was so funny! XD I love the poses you used on him<3

    Hey, is it just me or when you click on Blogs I follow or wordpress read only the wordpress news comes up? O_o I'm lost without my subs, and I want to make sure it's wordpress and not me.

    • Emy

      Haha, I’m glad you enjoyed. I had a lot of fun with it. :D Thanks! :D

      Re. WordPress… I’ve just checked and mine says ‘nothing to read’. o_0″ Which is obviously not right. I don’t really use the subs, though, I get them to send me new posts via email. Because I forget to check otherwise. XD That way I have ‘unread email’ sitting in my inbox until I catch up and I remember. XD

    • WordPress is broken for me too…no subs and I’m lost without it! I never check my e-mail so this is my way of finding out about updates. Glad to read it’s not just happening to me…hopefully it will be fixed soon!

      • Phew! Glad it’s not just me. I agree, I’m very lost without it!! I never check my email because it’s always filled with “And then it rained.. has new comments!” I would go nuts trying to search through them all to find my subs updated


  15. Melanie Baker

    seeley looks awesomely eccentric, i have to admit i haven’t yet read rolling stone, but i will… someday.
    this was an awesome fic, and i hope seeley and gabe get on!!!

    • Emy

      RSGNM has ONE chapter left and then it’s all over. It’s a sad day. You should definitely read it – it’s amazing! :)

      Thank you! :D

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