Catastrophe Ahoy!

Edit: Hi, guys. This is Emy now. I was informed I’d have to replace my laptop’s motherboard in order to fix it, which would cost almost as much as a new laptop. With the other issues I’ve had with my laptop, I decided buying a new one would be more cost effective. I have a new one now, but I need to rescue things from the hard drive this weekend. Then I can re-install sims and hopefully everything will be good. *crosses fingers* I’m hoping nothing will be too delayed by this.

Emy xx


This is catcrunchies, just letting everyone know that Emy’s having some serious computer issues and she won’t be able to put up a new chapter for a while. In case anyone is a computer buff and can help, when she tries to turn on her laptop, the screen stays black and it beeps three times, like beeeeeeep beep beep.

Hopefully this will be resolved soon and she can get back to posting up her simmy stories. =[



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25 responses to “Catastrophe Ahoy!

  1. I dislike! I dislike very much! I talked to her before she went to bed! I’m blaming the power surge. Grrr. >_< Poor Emy. I have no idea how to help with the laptop problem.

    Google is my friend.

  2. also

    i’m just linking things that might help. the first one i think was aimed at desktops more than laptops.

  3. I’m not a computer expert at all but recently my husband had an issue with his laptop which sounds sort of similar. It would power on, if I recall, but just have a black screen. Ended up being the motherboard had died. They replaced it, no data lost, and it’s good as new now. I don’t know if you have a Mac or PC…he has a Mac and just took it to the Apple store. It cost more than I liked but cheaper than a new laptop. Hope you get your problem solved soon…computer issues are so frustrating.

    • Emy

      Yeah. That’s exactly what happened to mine, except it’s not a mac.

      I got told that a new motherboard would cost me almost as much as a new laptop, so I went out and got a new laptop with better specs. Hopefully the sims will run more smoothly when I install it again. Then again, you never know with the sims. XD


      • Sorry it was going to be so expensive…I remember when my husband’s died they said they could fix it at the store and it would have over $1,000…if they sent it away to get fixed, just $310. Wasn’t worth replacing a 3 year old Macbook…but I definitely could see it if it were much more than that!! I hope the new computer treats you better. Good luck transferring everything over.

  4. That sucks! so many people having issues with their computers right now, ugh. :( Hope it gets better soon.

    • Emy

      I went and bought a new laptop. I still have to save my hard drive and move everything across, but it should be all right now. Things might just be a bit delayed. :)

      Thanks for the support. <3

  5. i hope you get everything sorted out emy! we’ll be here if you need us! laptops can be such a pain in the bum sometimes :/

    • Emy

      Thanks! <3 They're definitely a pain.

      • Is transferring games from one computer to another hard? I really want all the stuff gets through (inventories, graphics, the right shadowing)

        • Emy

          As long as you move your saves folder, the DCCache and DCBackUp (for custom content) and your Worlds folder, it should be okay.

          Unfortunately, I had to redo my graphics settings because it didn’t save it, but transferring games isn’t that hard.

  6. Aww, Sorry for the trouble. Good Luck with Transferring things over.

  7. dot823

    It sucks that it broke, but I’m glad you got a new one! I hope this one works for a long time, too.

  8. I hope it all goes smoothly and we can return to Kami, Gabe, and Jaime’s great stories! *crosses fingers, toes, arms, and legs*

  9. Nightrain17

    Oh gosh! That’s terrible!
    I hope you haven’t lost anything!
    I’ve got my fingers crossed for you Emy

  10. Melanie Baker

    … laptop… you make me mad. very mad.

    i’m glad it’s all up and running again, so that’s good.

  11. So, Emy, when do you estimate the next post to be up??

    • Emy

      This weekend. :) Or possibly tomorrow if I’m very inspired.

      I’ve got one more scene to stage, which I’ll be able to do tonight. I had to work on the Dreams first. :)

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